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27 Lessons

Cybersecurity 101

In this course, we will learn about the Internet and data, also we will talk about different types of cyber attacks and how to prevent them.

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26 Lessons

Robotics 101

As we know the future is dependent on Robots. The process of building robots become easier and faster. In this course, you will learn how to program Ev3 Robots.

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26 Lessons

Data Structures

In this course, we will learn about one of the essential topics in programming, which is the data structures. To join this course, you need to have a brief background of classes and objects.

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26 Lessons

Electronics 101

Arduino is one of the most important microcontrollers in the world and it has many uses and applications, in this course we will introduce the Arduino and how to use it, and we will do several projects and applications and how to connect Arduino with different sensors.

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Creative environment for children to break traditional boxes. My son is excelling tremendously with passion throughout the program. Best wishes to all staff members!

‏‎Dimah Barakat
Student's parent

A great environment full of positive energy and amazing kids eager to learn about technology.

Farah AlDeiri‎‏

The best place in the Arab world to get inspired when you watch small children grow to become great engineers.

Firas Obeido‎‏
Founder of SatchNet Electronic Systems

Eureka is my second family, who worked on showing my other character ♥️

‏‎Ahmad Al-qudah

This place is full of energy, passion and creativity!

Nada Jadallah‎‏

My kids spent 5 years with Eureka Academy and they did very well and enrich their experience and knowledge in Robotics.
I strongly recommend all Parents to join it!

Suha Al-karmi‎‏
Student's parent

A great place to learn engineering and make innovative projects!

Razan Ghannam‎‏

Eureka is a great, inspirational place where your kids can develop their critical thinking skills and learn about robotics and technology, so they can become little innovators.

‏‎Nanees Farsakh

It’s great to have an academy concerned about training our next generation.

Jamal Al Frihat‎‏

Best place for children with passion for robots and technology.

Alaa Al Hamzat‎‏

Great staff, inspiring environment. My kids are really enjoying the courses!

‏‎Tahani Saeq
Student's parent

Best place for children with passion of robotics… coaches are super nice and kind with kids, cozy atmosphere, disciplined kids, the owner is generous and heart warming, location is excellent! I highly recommend Eureka ❤️

‏‎Dina Al Hakim
Student's parent

A place where fun, technology, and friendship meet together! I love you Eureka!

Joud Samer‎‏

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